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*A socialized, household 3DPrinter with help from frogdesign.

'Exciting', 'Experience', 'All about communication'.
So, Frog jumped on the 3D bandwagon… *sigh*

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This is a truly eerie video by IT firm PinkRoccade: Local Government prophesying an Orwellian future and framing it, not as a dystopian scenario but as the next step in evolution, wrapped in a short and harmless colorful animation. The objective is to sell their knowledge as a service to (local) dutch governments.
It is as if no one at PinkRoccade has even seen a science fiction movie, heard of Edward Snowdon or thinks 1984 is just a year three decades ago. Or assume the general public has no idea, which is perhaps less unlikely. I think it is ridiculous for a IT firm to release something like this in 2014.

It’s all in dutch so I made a short English transcript of it.

* Information, the future’s advisor
- ‘Suppose, it’s 2020 and this is you, wearing your Google Glass, smart watch and who knows what other type of intelligent wearable.’
- ‘Flat tire… just when you are at a dodgy place in town…’
- ‘Who are those sketchy types over there? Are they coming closer..?’
- ‘Your hands are getting clammy, your heart is starting to speed up!
* Your sudden change in heart rate and sweatiness is an indicator that there might be something wrong. These signals are sent over by your wearables to a municipal service. Your alert gets a higher priority because the area is known to be relatively unsafe.
You allow the government to view through your smart glasses while a street based GPS sniffer detects the number people you are facing and how their movement pattern is being read. By means of a database search is determined if the two are local residents or from another place entirely, if they do not live there, their presence even more suspicious. Are either one of them known to have a criminal record?Thanks to a quick analysis the nearest police vehicle is sent your way. One of the policemen reassures you through his Google Glass and the suspects are being warned that have been flagged.
- ‘Phew… you have safely returned home.’
* By releasing your personal information you were saved just when you were in need, this enhanced your sense of security and you publish a compliment to your local government for saving the day.

The clip ends with highlighting all advantages of sharing data with your local government, improving society as a whole.

Free is a Lie by Aral Balkan

Contemporary problems.

Contemporary problems.

Installation by Roxy Paine called Carcass from a series of diorama’s.
The two other diorama’s are called Checkpoint and Control Room and are also made with the same level of detail and care but I am drawn to the fast food setting the most.

+ http://www.roxypaine.com/dioramas/

Bret Victor envisions a radically different type of maker space for the age of digital fabrication. I like the super ‘aware’ approach of the room!